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Marketing and Communications Executive
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The word tax written in white text on a black key on a keyboard

Preparing Your Business for Tax Debt Changes in 2025

digital environment

Supporting small business with the small business technology investment and skills and training boost

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G in ESG – Governance: Building Strong Foundations for Business Success 

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Exploring the S in ESG: The Increasing Significance of Social Factors in Business and Investment

painting of the earth globe

Understanding the E in ESG: Environmental Considerations for Your Business

western australia perth city road infrastructure

WA State Budget Summary: The Key Takeaways for Businesses

Upward view of glass windows of skyscraper against clear blue sky

Australian Federal Budget 2023-24 Recap for Business Owners

wind turbines in the distance at dusk

ESG & Increasing Regulator Focus on Greenwashing

Group of 6 workman standing in a row in front of a mining truck. They are wearing hi-vis and are smiling at each other

Consolidated Group on partnering with Ledge Finance to achieve business goals and expansion

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Business trends and growth opportunities in 2023

Wembley Magpies FC Feb 2023

The Wembley Magpies 2023 Regional Training Camp

Mercedes F1 team around formula 1 car

Mercedes Toto Wolff’s Five Leadership Lessons to Cultivate Winning Teams

SSH Group, Managing Director, Daniel Cowley-Cooper and Ledge Finance Ltd, Finance Executive, Neil Ferguson

A fruitful partnership with Ledge reaps rewards for SSH Group

EcoQuip MSLT4 unit against backdrop of Western Australian outback at sunset

Leading the way in ESG technology innovation across WA

Truck towing a piece of machinery.

SSH Group partnering with Ledge to kick acquisition goals

Solar panel farm with blue skies in the background.

Blended transmission: A more viable strategy for the renewables transition

Photo of a man doing a one handed push-up with 8 people standing around him smiling.

Ledge & The Push-up Challenge 2022

Wembley Football Club partnership.

New partnership with Wembley Football Club