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Ledge Pushes for Better Mental Health

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Ledge team completing push ups as part of The Push-Up Challenge.

Tony Del Popolo, Jenny Phung and Jacob McDonald doing push ups with the Ledge team supporting in the background.

The team from Ledge are proud to be participating in The Push-Up Challenge this month to raise funds for Lifeline WA’s mental health and crisis support services.

The challenge will run until 24 June and we have already completed close to 10,000 push ups!

We have found the challenge to be a fantastic way to not only raise awareness about mental health and suicide but also fostering connection in our workplace, and engaging in mental and physical health in a fun and unique way.

All funds raised will go towards mental health and crisis support services, helping to break stigmas and provide hope to those struggling with their mental health, so no one is going through their darkest moments alone.

Help us #PushForBetter by donating to the Ledge Finance team or to one of our team members here:

Thank you to all those who have contributed to an extremely worthy cause and supported us so far. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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