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Goodbye to the WACA and Subiaco Oval – Hello to the Perth/Optus Stadium

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  • Goodbye to the WACA and Subiaco Oval – Hello to the Perth/Optus Stadium

We are sure you have already heard that it has cost every WA household $1,500 on average to build, but has the new world class Perth Stadium delivered?

The sold out one day international between Australia and England cricket match on Sunday January 28 was the first ever sporting event at the $1.6 billion Perth Stadium.

More than 50,000 people attended the history making day being the largest crowd to ever attend a sporting match in Western Australia since a WAFL game in 1979.

Due to Cricket Australia’s contractual obligations, which specify that no sponsor names are to be used at any international cricket match meant that in all match-related coverage the stadium was called “Perth Stadium”, but the Optus Stadium signage outside the venue remained the same.

Sports Minister, Mick Murray, explained that the state of finances meant the government didn’t have the luxury of wasting potential income and that the 10-year Optus sponsorship that cost $50 million would go towards continuing running costs.

Despite the conflicting arguments based around the naming rights in late 2017, Ron Alexander, the co-chair of the Perth Stadium Steering Committee believes that “people will be blown away when they go here”.

From the venues huge screens and spacious seats, to its significantly improved amenities and Optus broadcasting app, its features are far better than Subiaco, seating 60,000 people in AFL mode.

“It is built for the next 100 years” stated Mr Alexander.

There were some complaints over the food and beverage shortages and cramped public transport, however stadium chief executive Mike Mckenna said these issues were temporary and he thinks it “was a great success. . . and the next event will be better and the one after that better again.”

Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland said “The facilities here are truly world-class and Optus Stadium really puts Perth on the map to hold more international events”.

The cricket match was the first of many high-profile events planned for the stadium, with another sell-out crowd to attend Thursday’s BBL semi-final between the Perth Scorchers and Hobart Hurricanes.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to secure tickets to the Stadium, there are many more events on soon including an AFL Women’s match on February 10, Ed Sheeran concerns on March 2 and 3, a Perth NRL double-header on March 10, the opening round of the AFL Premiership season on March 25 and Nitro Circus on April 22.

Tell us your thoughts:

– If you attended the sell-out match on Sunday how did you rate it?

– Should the government have sold the 10-year naming rights in a deal that stipulated that the word “Perth” needed to be included? Email secure@ledge.com.au