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Surety Bonds

How they can Assist your Business

If you are a contractor, you will often be required to provide a Surety Bond or Guarantee to your client/principal as security against your default or non-performance.

So, what exactly are Bonds and Guarantees and how can they be arranged?

Surety Bonds are a form of security issued by a Surety (an insurer or specialist bond provider) in favour of your client (Beneficiary/Principal) to guarantee that you (the Contractor) will meet the requirements of the contract. They are commonly known as Performance Bonds.

A Surety Bond is much like a Bank Guarantee, both being unconditional and on demand. The difference being that Surety Bonds are issued by insurance companies or specialist bond issuers and Bank Guarantees are issued by banks.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of both?

Whilst they both perform the same function, in order to provide a guarantee facility, your bank will require cash or security over your business and/or personal assets to cover their risk. This increases the risk to your business and will reduce the working capital or security available to your company for use in the business.

On the other hand, surety providers underwrite based on the performance of the business. They will only offer a facility to companies who meet their criteria and do not require security over the company’s assets, relying instead on an indemnity from the Contractor. This allows the Contractor to utilise their cash and assets to support normal business operations.

On top of this key advantage, Surety Bonds also represent a cheaper alternative to bank guarantees with no non-utilisation fees (so you only pay for the bonds which are issued).

Who needs Bonds or Guarantees?

Typical users include civil contractors, construction companies, waste management firms, earth movers etc but the real answer is anyone who needs to guarantee that they will perform a contract.


If you don’t want to tie up assets or cash which could be used in the business, talk to us to see if you qualify for a surety bond. It is a great product to help growing businesses.

Get in touch to speak to one of our Finance Executives about how your business may benefit from Surety Bonds.