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Supply Chain Finance

Ledge Supply Chain Finance

Ledge is set to launch 2018 with a new finance product which will help clients better use their working capital – while also opening up the prospect of a new source of income for them.

The product will put small and medium enterprises on the same footing as big business in being able to manage supply chain accounts. It will complement our existing facilities.

As Western Australia’s leading finance facilitator, Ledge has always striven to access providers of innovative products which help our clients minimise their costs and maximise their outcomes.

A new supply chain finance product will provide a fully unsecured, debt-free opportunity for companies to pay – and get paid – on the terms they want. Until now, this sort of opportunity has only been available to the large corporates with turnover exceeding $250 million.

This product will allow companies to extend their own payment terms, while giving their suppliers the option to receive early payment – and, on top of that, there is the added benefit of enabling clients to generate a unique additional profit stream for their business.

Supply chain finance is currently one of the fastest growing lending solutions globally in the working capital space.

“This product is a beneficial addition to our range, particularly with its ability to generate an additional income source for clients,” said Noel Smith, Ledge’s Risk and Compliance director.

“Because Ledge is a strongly independently owned and operated West Australian business, we are able to source the most appropriate and effective product for our clients’ individual needs. This new product will add to that capability, and we will be actively informing clients about it in the new year.”