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Insurance Premium Funding

A low cost, low risk funding solution

Business Insurance is a requirement for every managed business as it protects assets and revenue, liabilities, and personnel. However, paying insurance premiums up front can take its toll on cash flow.

Insurance Premium Funding (IPF) is a simple and cost-effective method for businesses to pay their annual insurance premiums.

Premium Funding loans can be used for any commercial insurance, including; workers compensation, theft and burglary, property insurance, professional liability, and so on.

Two key reasons to choose IPF:

  • Low cost – interest rates are comparable to overdraft rates. Using IPF in lieu of your overdraft leaves your working capital facilities intact.
  • Low risk – loans are generally secured only by a charge over the insurance policies. This means less risk to you and your business.

In addition to these features, other benefits include:

  • We offer an extensive range of funding options and payment types: repaid over three to twelve monthly instalments or on a weekly, fortnightly or quarterly basis.
  • Transactions can be funded in FX where required.
  • We have direct access to the lenders decision makers to discuss complex transactions.
  • We take ownership, assisting the insurer with the appropriate structure to ensure a smooth and easy transaction for all parties involved.


If this article has sparked some interest, talk with your Ledge Finance Executive about how you can consolidate your insurance premiums into flexible payment instalments, or simply contact us here and we will be happy to assist.