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Equipment Finance

Why Should You Finance Your Plant and Equipment?

When it comes to growing your business, there are many challenges you may face trying to manage cash flow.

Creating compelling, value adding products & services and funding stocks & supplies are just a few of the issues faced by business owners during their businesses growth periods.

Even successful, profitable businesses can find themselves with working capital issues at these times.

Sensible use of debt to fund plant and equipment purchases is something to keep in mind when the time comes as this can take pressure off the business through:

Preservation of capital:

  • Financing your equipment needs leaves your capital and any lines of credit available to be utilised more effectively in your business

Managing cash flow:

  • You can obtain the finance you need for equipment on rates and terms you can manage

Allows the purchase of equipment the business could otherwise not afford:

  • Quite simply, trying to pay for equipment with your own cash or working capital facilities will greatly limit the capacity of your business to grow

Ownership of the equipment:

  • Ownership is generally cheaper than hire or rental if you have an ongoing need for equipment and it enables you to build equity in your assets.

At Ledge we specialise in arranging bespoke finance facilities to suit individual client’s needs.

Take the stress out of financing your business equipment and contact us today.