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I want to take some time this month to talk to you about something that is very close to my heart for many reasons.

Over 20 years ago a good friend of mine was diagnosed with leukaemia and he was thankfully lucky enough to overcome it after years of treatment.

When he was first diagnosed I didn’t know much about Leukaemia just that it was an extremely harmful blood cancer.

After seeing the pain and suffering he had to go through I decided I had to become more knowledgeable and do my bit to help out the Leukaemia Foundation.

I have been involved with the charity since 2001, 4 years of which I was a member of the Western Australian Leukaemia Foundation board and had a great time participating in charity balls and community fundraising events.

In May 2015, another good friend of mine was diagnosed with leukaemia and after what felt like a long hard fight he sadly lost his battle in November that same year.

This was an extremely hard time for not only myself but his friends and family which is why I decided to continue donating on a regular basis to help out those in need.

The Leukaemia Foundation, just like many other charities put in a ridiculous amount of time and effort to deliver the outcome they are so desperately working towards, whether it be finding a cure or creating a safe place for those in need.

Donating is just a small way of giving back and it doesn’t take up any of my time which is why I believe that every business should find at least one charity that they can donate to.

Even if the donation is just a little bit every month it all counts towards creating a better future for ourselves, our friends and our family, because you never know if or when you or someone else may suffer from a harmful disease.

The Leukaemia Foundation in Western Australia currently have a patient accommodation project which will provide people from regional areas a safe and modern place to stay whilst receiving treatment in Perth.

Treatment can last for many months and this project will create the opportunity to secure 10 fully furnished apartments that are a short drive from major hospitals.

I welcome any of you who wish to donate to the Leukaemia Foundation and help them achieve their project goals.

Every small amount makes a big difference.



To learn more visit the Leukaemia Foundation website here 

Rebecca Barber, Major Supporters Manager at the Leukaemia Foundation has asked us to include the following comments about Ledge’s ongoing support. Whilst we generally don’t go public on our philanthropic activities, Rebecca has insisted we do so on this occasion, so here we go.

“Phil and his team at Ledge Finance have been a vital support to the Leukaemia Foundation since 2001,” Rebecca said.

“This long-term support has included Phil’s personal involvement as a member of the Western Australian Leukaemia Foundation Board, to participation in charity balls and community fundraising events, as well as the support of Ledge Finance staff through participating in events like the World’s Greatest Shave. The Leukaemia Foundation has also been the very fortunate beneficiary of personal and business donations made by Phil and Ledge Finance over the years.

“The support provided by Phil and Ledge Finance is of great value to the Leukaemia Foundation and the Western Australian blood cancer community; be it funding research grants, ensuring people in hospital receive a personal visit after their diagnosis, or providing transport or home-away-from-home style accommodation to a regional family, the Leukaemia Foundation is there to support Western Australians throughout their journey with a blood cancer.

“Since 2001 over $45,000 has been raised by Phil and his team at Ledge Finance, this equates to 563 free nights’ accommodation provided to regional families who have had to relocate to Perth for life saving treatment.

“I would like to offer my sincere thanks on behalf of everyone at the Leukaemia Foundation, and Western Australians living with blood cancer for the vital support you continue to show.”

Rebecca Barber, Major Supporters Manager, Western Australia

Leukaemia Foundation