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Today we’ve enjoyed ‘the race that stops the nation’ … and, if you’ve been on the winning side of the ledger, no doubt you’ve enjoyed it more than many of us. Well done.

But now down to business, and I want to talk a little disruption – not the high-tech, computerised kind which is turning many industries upside down. No. I want to refer to some good old fashioned ‘thinking’ disruption … and, in doing so, I urge you to read the recent post about KEE Group. Click Here


Why indeed?

Because I think the Spiers brothers who established and operate KEE are putting the brains back into business … and in a most creative and effective way. And perhaps … just perhaps … we can all learn from them.

Let me explain.

First up, I like their counter-intuitive approach to riding out the economic trough that Western Australia has been going through. Yep, still going through to some extent…

They harnessed the goodwill and resources of their suppliers and financiers to back their strategy of maintaining industry-leading equipment and people (have not laid off anyone) so that KEE can capture the upside ahead.

I know it all sounds easier said than done, but what I align myself with is their vision of business as a partnership … with all stakeholders, especially customers.

Another thing that tickles my business sense is how KEE not only want customers to utilise their vast fleet of equipment, but they are prepared to help lower the cost base in doing so.

Fuel. Damon and Clayton Spiers embarked on a strategy to provide discounted fuel to their customers. What started with one tanker last year has now grown to two.

These are two young guys who in a decade (and let’s face it, some of the years in the past decade have been as bad as others have been good) have built a growing business which has a lot of the hallmarks of disruption, in the way they have tackled customer service.

Yes, I know it is not the sort of disruption that is all the buzzword these days, but it is good old fashioned human disruption based on providing solutions for customers, building partnerships with them … and reaping success over the long haul.

And, you know, that sort of disruption has been around for a very long time.

These days I often hear the echoes of my father’s words about hard work, service and building relationships … they resonate a lot more today than way back then when I was that young tacker who needed a good clip around the ears sometimes to get the message through!

Stay safe.

Cheers, Phil