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Ledge Trivia: A Horse’s Tale

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Ledge trivia horse birthday

Happy Birthday! If you are a horse, that is.

Yes, as many will know, today is the official horses’ birthday … every horse in Australia is aging another year.  But why is it so … and is it the same the world over? For a quirky little piece of trivia, read on…

Thoroughbreds have been given the same birth date to standardise their ages for comparison because, historically, there is a lack of records about the actual date that most horses are born. So, to quote the website of Quality Aging:

“All thoroughbreds celebrate their birthdays on the same date, January 1 in the Northern Hemisphere and August 1 in the Southern hemisphere.

“After the first time a horse is alive on August 1st it is considerate a yearling. The next August 1st is its 2nd birthday and it is considered 2 years old, even though it could conceivably be one year one day old.”


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