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Sunset Parking: Save Money, Travel Easy

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Do you travel to Perth airport often? Do you get an Uber or Taxi because it’s easier and more often than not cheaper than paying for long-term parking at the airport? Maybe you work fly in fly out or you live in Mandurah or Rockingham – wouldn’t it be nice to travel to the airport in the comfort of your own car?

Sunset Parking, located in Welshpool, is a new long term parking and car rental facility, with valet parking service and a free shuttle to the airport at a time that suits you.

Sunset Parking offers:

  • On demand transfers
    You give your departure and arrival flight details to the team at Sunset Parking and they will ensure you get to your flight and are picked up on your return at the right time.
  • 24 hour security surveillance
    You can be stress free knowing that your car is safe and will look the same as when you left it.
  • Valet style quick drop off/ pick up
    No need to worry about finding a car park for your car. Just drive it in and hand the keys over to the team. They will park your car for you and will have it ready to go on your return. You can step out of the shuttle and straight into your vehicle.
  • Secure indoor parking
    The entire facility is inside a fully enclosed building, so you know your car will be safe.
  • Simple online booking system
    Made available through the websites “Book Now” page
  • Rent a car facilities available
  • 10 minute complimentary shuttle ride that coordinates with your departure or arrival time
    Even if it’s outside of normal business hours. You will just need to notify the team beforehand.
  • Cost of parking calculated on a nightly basis
    You will not be charged an hourly rate.

Depending on how long your trip away is, Sunset Parking can be cheaper than getting an Uber or Taxi to and from the airport. See all of the parking options here.

A simple, cost effective and secure alternative to parking at the airport. Contact the Sunset Parking team today on (08) 6252 8642, email booking@sunsetparking.com.au, or visit their website here for more details.

The Perth Sunset Parking is currently offering customers a free car wash when you stay 7 days or more. Use promo code “PERTH” when booking on the website.

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