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Property Loans

How often do you perform a check up on your debt?

Most people have ongoing financial pressures and every dollar that can be saved, should be considered.

Having a property loan, whether it be for your own home, an investment property or a commercial property, it is a huge debt in anyone’s life, and can cause major financial stress amongst individuals, their partners and their families. Along with selecting your property, then comes choosing the best possible finance package to suit your current personal & business circumstances.

These personal & business circumstances however do change, along with forever changing economic conditions, and most of the time it happens quicker than expected.

It is obvious that overpaying interest on a property loan can be detrimental to building wealth and long term financial stability, so why continue to do so?

It may seem overwhelming to make the effort to have a financial review and even consider a refinance now but putting the responsibility in someone else’s hands will relieve you of all the pressure, whilst knowing you will receive a favourable solution.

How often do you seek a financial health check on your current property debts?

At Ledge Finance, we can assist with your current or future home, investment and/or commercial property loans.

If you are not overly happy with your interest rate, loan and security structure or your overall service proposition on your property loans… or perhaps you’re just not sure if you are getting the best deal, why wait?

Contact your existing Finance Executive or contact our offices here to arrange a catch up to discuss a more suitable solution that is available for your particular needs.