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Preventing People Problems in the Workplace

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If you’re a business owner then you’ll know that it’s not always easy to deal with employment or HR issues.

A lot of the time, businesses don’t have an inhouse HR department because their business is not big enough to justify the cost.

You end up trying to deal with it yourself causing you to spend less time on more important managerial roles like growing the business.  

This is where HR Dept may be able to assist, providing the skills you require at a fraction of the cost of an in-house HR team.

HR Dept have the capabilities to support you with:

  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures;
  • Tackling difficult short or long-term sickness absence issues;
  • Embarking on restructures and redundancies;
  • Recruiting assistance;
  • Introducing psychometric testing;
  • Implementing performance management; and
  • Workforce engagement strategies.

HR Dept provides you with HR and employment law advice that are tailored to your business needs.

Whether you are a micro-business gearing up to take on your first staff member or you are a well established firm, HR Dept has the experience and knowledge to support you.

For more information contact your Ledge Finance Executive directly or contact us here.