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Philosophy: Welcome to the new financial year

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Hi friends, and welcome to the new financial year!

On behalf of the Ledge team I would like to thank our clients, referral partners, lenders and financiers for a fantastic financial year. Ledge would honestly not be where we are today (40 years on!) without the continual support from all of you.

Over the years, Ledge has had the opportunity to build relationships with hundreds if not thousands of clients and we have seen many of those clients achieve great success.

As many of you know being in business is not always smooth sailing and there is always going to be challenges along the way that we have to meet to achieve our goals.

As we close off another financial year, I just want to say how fantastic it is to see the market picking up once again, in particular the Western Australian mining sector.

We are undoubtedly seeing positive signs for the state, with the Greenbushes mine situated 250 kms south of Perth being the world’s largest producer of lithium.

In addition to this, there are several lithium hydroxide refineries in the pipeline for WA, with the Tianqi facility, located in the Kwinana industrial area, expected to be the largest lithium hydroxide plant in the world.

Lithium hydroxide is one of the key compounds that are used in the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles. And as the demand for the production of electric vehicles continues to rise, WA has the potential to become a global centre point for processing and manufacturing of these batteries.

What a positive impact this will have on the state! I believe it will stimulate activity in the sector with new businesses entering the market and well established companies strengthening their current operations and service offerings.

Along with this increased activity more and more businesses are starting to purchase new equipment or are upgrading their current fleet to keep up with the demand. There are many benefits that come with upgrading/purchasing new equipment, including quality, efficiency and attraction in the market, click here to read Philosophy: Maintain current or upgrade to new equipment?

That is all from me for now… I wish you all another successful year in business and if you have any questions about your business finance please contact me on 0418 912 889, email phil@ledge.com.au or contact our offices here.



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