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Philosophy: Be Curious

Ledge Philosophy

Hi Friends,

As the changing market creates a new lending environment it’s important that your business is aware of these changes. You may be happy with your current financial position and your primary banker, or maybe you are just comfortable… Comfortable knowing that you are making your repayments and you have sufficient working capital to take on new opportunities. We all get comfortable… and we would be lying if we said we didn’t sit in this bubble of contentedness for at least a little while.

However, the world is constantly evolving and new opportunities arise every day in all areas of your life. With these opportunities comes the importance of always asking those questions you want to ask, knowing that there may be a better option available.

I believe that be curious is a vital part of life… in fact, we are taught from such a young age to wonder and wish about the many opportunities that lie ahead. Maybe you wanted to become an astronaut, a pilot, or even a vet and now you’re in a position that is so far from your wishes as a young kid – well at least I know mine is!

My point is, without this curiosity our minds wouldn’t have been able to flourish. Much like today, as a businessman, I know that if I wasn’t at all curious 40 years ago Ledge wouldn’t be where it is today. Yes, I know I say this a lot but without the people we have surrounded ourselves with, then and now, we wouldn’t have the knowledge and insight we do today.

Being in the finance industry has taught me a lot of things, one being that no matter what you get presented with, if you are not overly happy or you have a query, you should always ask to see if there is a better option available.

So, if you’re feeling “comfortable”, know that the world is constantly changing and there may be an option that is better suited to you and your circumstances. All you have to do is ask… over the phone, email, or even a cup of coffee. It’s a simple as that – doesn’t cost you anything but your time. And who knows, that miniscule amount of time that it takes you to ask and discuss may be worth it for the positive outcome you may potentially receive.

That’s all from me for now. I wish you all a fantastic week ahead!



Here at Ledge, we are proud of the companies who achieved business growth through innovation by partnering with us. We like to share their stories to show how they overcame obstacles through sound business strategy.

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