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Philosophy: 7 fundamentals that create a successful business

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Hi friends,

I can’t believe we are four months into this financial year and the festive season is just around the corner.

We have seen a steady increase in enquiry which is pleasing for this time of year and shows that businesses are still looking to grow or maintain their position in the market.

Although it’s still challenging, I believe it’s important that you surround yourself with quality people in every aspect of your business – quality staff, quality clients, quality suppliers and so on.

One of the main qualities that resonates with me is passion. In fact, there’s nothing I enjoy more than being able to help people grow their passion for business into something that was once only a dream.

I see passion as one of the key ingredients that drives business success. Although passion isn’t the only thing you need. Six fundamentals that team with passion to create a successful business are:

1.       Expertise – to deliver value

2.       Grit – to continue the pursuit

3.       Resilience – to recover from hardship

4.       Resourcefulness – to manage assets

5.       Urgency – to make forward progress

6.       Courage – to prompt action

That is all from me for now. If you’re ever available to catch up over a coffee, let me know! I am available anytime on 0418 912 889 or email phil@ledge.com.au.

Until next time.


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