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Ledge Q&A

With Justin Gilmour, Managing Director at Integro Private Wealth

Welcome to our first ever Ledge Q&A!

The Ledge Q&A is an interview style blog which has been created on the basis of keeping our clients and wider community informed and up-to-date on what is happening in the Australian business sector. The Ledge Q&A features business professionals from various industries as we talk to them about their ideas and/or opinions on a variety of topics.

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To kick us off for our first Ledge Q&A, we spoke to Justin Gilmour, Managing Director at Integro Private Wealth (formerly Integro) about who they are and why they chose to rebrand their business.

Q: Who is Integro Private Wealth?

A: We are a financial planning firm that helps busy, successful people achieve their financial potential.  We serve a growing and diverse client base and have developed a large following in the pharmacy sector. Whether you are a successful executive, professional or business owner, Integro Private Wealth understands your unique financial needs.

Q. A lot of businesses choose to rebrand, what was your reasoning to do so, have you seen any results from doing so and would you recommend it to other business owners?

A: We chose to rebrand because ‘Integro Private Wealth’ is a more succinct name than ‘Integro’ that better reflects what we actually do.  We feel that the name Integro Private Wealth gives a clearer picture of the services we provide. We have noticed a few results including positive comments from a selection of new and existing clients as well as people being able to find us online with greater ease.

Yes, I would recommend rebranding to other business owners, but only after they have undergone extensive research into the benefits and looked at the cost versus the predicted return on investment.

Q: What is unique about the Integro offering?

A: In a world prone to rapid changes, Integro Private Wealth believes managing your investment portfolio requires constant attention. In contrast to the typical “set and forget” asset allocation strategies, we adopt a more active approach. Using a combination of expert economic analysis, statistical data and sophisticated software, Integro Private Wealth monitors the performance trends of the asset classes on a daily basis.

Q: When you refer to “a world prone to rapid changes” what is the most significant change in the market, how has this affected you/your clients and how have you overcome this?

A: I would say that the biggest change to the market in recent times has been the Royal Commission into the banking and advice sector which has placed a lot of pressure on the industry as a whole. However, we have welcomed the findings regarding “fee for no service” as this puts more ownership on the financial planning firms to provide the services they are charging for. This hasn’t impacted us as we pride ourselves in having high quality ongoing services and engagement with our clients.

Q: What are the main features of the new website?

A: The new website is more user friendly and positions our clients as being at the forefront of all our services. The new website also shows the details of the entire Integro Private wealth team, putting faces to the names that our clients are used to dealing with.

Q: What are the benefits to clients?

A: After 10+ years we wanted to update the business name to better articulate the value we offer to clients and refresh the brand and update the website to modernise the brand, increase awareness of our service offering and highlight our expanded team.

That concludes this Ledge Q&A, thank you to Justin from Integro Private Wealth for taking part.

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