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Ledge Finance’s 40th Year in Business Will Soon Begin

A Letter from Phil Botsis, Ledge Finance Limited Managing Director
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Ledge was established on 6th January 1979 and will enter its 40th year in business early next year.

A philosophy I have held since I started the business is that we should strive to be the best – strive to be profitable, strive to be professional and strive to be reputable.

Over the years, Ledge has had the opportunity to build relationships with hundreds if not thousands of clients and we have seen many of those clients achieve great success. Ledge has also built strong relationships with many banks and financiers, which enables us to source favourable deals for our customers.

As many of you know, being in business is not always smooth sailing and there are challenges along the way that we have to meet to achieve our goals.

My passion for Ledge is just as great now as it was when I arranged my first finance transaction for a IBM typewriter in 1979. This passion has always motivated me and I find myself always ready and willing to talk business at every given opportunity, just as eager as I was when I first started.

As Managing Director, I have given myself a chance to sit back, watch and admire the true passion and drive that my team of executives encompass and I could not be happier. I like to think of my team as the “A Team” because they are not only businesslike, but they understand the needs of each individual client and will go above and beyond to add value to their business.

Ledge started its journey as a one-trick-pony focused on financing equipment, however as times have changed, we now cover it all – equipment finance, banking facilities, commercial loans, investment property loans, home loans, insurance premium funding etc. We are here to provide you and your business with the best solution for all your financing needs.

I cannot believe how business has changed in 40 years. The evolution of technology in particular, has provided us with the opportunity to promote just how great our clients are through our digital channels.

At Ledge, we don’t just fill in forms – we put in the time and effort to form long-lasting relationships with our clients and watch their dreams turn into reality – securing their future.

I am a firm believer that if you are not already dealing with Ledge, you should be!

For more information on how Ledge can add value to you and your business contact us today.

And remember it’s a marathon, not a race.

That’s all from me for now. I would like to thank you all for your continual support throughout the last 39 years and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and be safe!

Bring on 2018!