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Ledge Finance Ltd Company Announcement

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4th February 2020   

Ledge is pleased to announce that Managing Director Phil Botsis is moving to the role of Executive Chairman and Corporate Finance Director Tony Del Popolo has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer.

Phil established Ledge in 1979 and the company has since grown to become a leading facilitator of business finance solutions.

Phil’s drive to succeed and deliver positive financial outcomes for businesses has placed the Company where it is today.

As Executive Chairman, Phil will step back from day to day running of the business, but will continue to support the management team and represent the Company where required.

“I have watched and admired the true passion and drive that the team of executives at Ledge encompass and I could not be happier. The team understand the needs of each individual client and will go above and beyond to add value to their business”. – Phil Botsis

Tony has been the Corporate Finance Director at Ledge for over 15 years and as a Chartered Accountant has substantial public practice and commercial experience. As COO, Tony will oversee the Company’s operations and procedures, designing and implementing strategies to ensure Ledge continues to innovate and improve our service offering.

“Ledge is experiencing an exciting period of transition and along with our clients, we continue to evolve and go through change, growth and development brought about by both internal and external pressures. Through this, Ledge will continue to form and build relationships with clients and all key stakeholders to assist with such growth and development”. – Tony Del Popolo

Ledge appreciates the continual support from all those who have played a role in where the Company is today.

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