Ledge Finance

Keeping You In Control

Keeping You In Control

Selection + Protection | How we limit your exposure.

Where we can, we spread your finance requirements over a range of providers to limit your exposure – and the conditions and covenants you need to consider. In most cases, we can secure your facilities against the equipment you’re buying. Whatever our solution, it will take into account the implications that borrowing will bring to your business – and be designed to best protect your assets and working capital.

Ledge buying power.

Our reputation for detailed applications and quality clients means we can use our buying power to your advantage. Or, to put it bluntly, we have the market clout to get favourable decisions – and fast.

Ongoing service.

As part of our service, we handle all the paperwork and liaison associated with your loans. Once the deal is done, our service doesn’t end. If you need information about your account, ring us. We can generally access details of your account much faster than you can. Or you may just want to have a chat about the state of the finance markets before taking on a new commitment. Either way, we’re always here to help.