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Here at the Ledge Bulletin we hope you are enjoying the turn of sunshine that will warm us this week in Perth.

Spring – one of our four months of the year – has dawned well; but could we do better … better in forecasting the weather. Would six seasons be the answer? Nyoongar Aborigines long believed so, and actually lived by six seasons.

Noongar Calendar

The Nyoongar Calendar

According to the Nyoongar calendar, we are in the season of Djilba (August-September), with its mix of wet days and increasing clear, cold nights and pleasant warmer days. It is the season of conception.

October-November is the season of Kambarang … longer dry periods; the season of birth.

December-January is the season of Birak … hot and dry; season of the young.

February-March is the season of Bunuru … the hottest time of the year with little or no rain; the season of adolescence.

April-May is the season of Djeran … when the cooler weather begins; the season of adulthood.

June-July is the season of Makuru … the coldest, wettest time of the year; the season of fertility.

Source: Bureau of Meteorology


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